Step-by-step planning support to ensure your transition is easy and seamless.

Your journey to independence with FiNet isn’t one you take alone. Once you make the decision to go independent, you’ll get a dedicated transition consultant and a team of specialists to develop a plan based on your business mix, assets under management, average cost of expenses, and staffing plans.

1: Meet Your Transition Consultant

To get started, we’ll connect you with a dedicated transition consultant who will guide you in establishing your business, retaining your clients, and moving your client accounts. The goal is to make your transition easy.

2: Make Decisions / Create Plan

With your transition consultant you will walk through the needs for your business and determine some important factors like:

  • Branding: Signage, stationary, business cards, etc.
  • Location: Office space and office decor
  • Staffing: Positions, salary ranges, insurance, and training
  • Technology: Phones, computers, and office equipment
  • Marketing: Website, advertising, emails, etc.
  • Legal/Technical Requirements

3: Complete the Plan and Open Your Practice!

4: Get the Word Out

  • Send out new office announcements
  • Distribute client packages
  • Open accounts / process ACATs
  • Conduct on-site training
  • Set up daily trainer/consultant support
  • Socialize professional development plans
  • Leverage product training opportunities

After the transition is over, your transition consultant will still follow up to answer any additional questions or provide help if you need it.