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Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network (WFAFN) helps make merger and growth possible for Texas foursome

One hundred and fifteen years. That’s the amount of combined experience Brad Bays, Steve Mills, Hank Baker, and Craig Conser bring to the table when a client walks through the doors of Trinity Capital Management. To put that amount of time in perspective, 115 years ago Theodore Roosevelt was President. While their financial services industry experience surpasses more than a century, it’s a relationship that started just under seven years ago in Tyler, Texas, located on the eastern side of the country’s second largest state.

“We formed Trinity in October 2011,” Steve says. “Brad and I already worked together, and we knew Craig personally and asked him to join us. We were then able to form Trinity Capital Management. Then Hank joined us in 2014.”

This was a move that had been desired for a long time, but did not always seem possible. Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network (WFAFN) helped make it a reality.

“Steve, Craig, and I had talked about merging our practices for years,” Brad says. “The best way we could find to do it was moving away from a wirehouse and going independent through WFAFN. Doing that made it possible for us to build the practice we had always envisioned.”

Allowing this collection of advisors to have direct control over their day-to-day business and operations, including the ability to select staff and office location, drove them toward WFAFN.

“We truly love the independent side of the business,” Craig says. “It’s important for us to be able to do business the way we want to with the support of a company like WFAFN that stays focused on helping us be great independent wealth advisors.”

“We wanted to be able to own and manage our own business without having the restrictions we might have with a wirehouse,” Steve adds. “We wanted to be able to manage our business the way we wanted to. At the end of the day, we all consider ourselves entrepreneurs, and just needed the flexibility of an independent shop, which WFAFN provided us.”

Since joining WFAFN, Trinity Capital Management has almost doubled their revenues. While they are very selective of the clients they bring in order to provide a very high level of service, the practice added clientele and has increased its assets by nearly one third to more than $400 million. Brad, Steve, Hank, and Craig are also currently looking to add a new generation of financial advisors to their team.

“We’re in a big growth mode right now,” Craig says. “Over the last couple of years, we have made some changes to help ourselves really grow. The business development part of our company is going to be a strong focus for us over the next two to three years. I see us growing tremendously over that time frame.”

WFAFN has also provided Trinity Capital Management with a number of resources that can be utilized to help the company grow. The ability to network with other advisors, attend conferences, and reach out to WFAFN’s home office resources have been very valuable for Trinity.

“It’s been a great platform for us to utilize in our business development,” Hank says. “WFAFN’s consultants are always willing to lend a hand with any issues we have or answer questions to help with our growth.”

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