Diana Lindsey

Move your clients

Diana Lindsey, Transition Services Manager

New to WFAFN? Need help? Dial up Diana!

Diana Lindsey’s team helps make the transition to WFAFN seamless.

When FAs ask Diana Lindsey and the Transitions Services team at WFAFN how they help with their move to Independence, Diana replies, “My transition team works with you every step of the way so you can go from FA to business owner without missing a beat.” Many FAs don’t think about all the pieces that are in play when moving a book of business from one broker/dealer to another, that’s why, Diana and her team work to make the transition seamless for the FA and their clients.

Diana has been working for Wells Fargo Advisors in St. Louis for more than 10 years. After starting her tenure as a practice liaison, she was promoted to Transition Services Team Manager in January. Her new role entails setting up a team for each advisor group joining WFAFN—consisting of a Transition Manager, a Business Transition Consultant, along with Marketing and IT technology experts—to help with the transition.

“When an advisor or a practice moves over to WFAFN, we are their point of contact for any need they have within the first 90 days,” says Diana. “If they need a better understanding of something or have any issues during the transition, we are here for them. We want to make their switch to WFAFN as smooth as possible.” Diana is involved from the very beginning, the Due Diligence process, which allows her to hand select and assign each transition employee with the ideal candidate to ensure a relationship can be formed between each Transition Manager, Business Transition Consultant, and Financial Advisor.

“We help all new advisors move their book of business to WFAFN,” Diana adds. “Once we are notified they are joining WFAFN, we set up a series of intro calls with the transition team and the advisor to ensure the FA is fully prepared to take on the duties of being a business owner. We basically help them with everything in order for them to move their clients and business over to WFAFN.”

For many advisors, the move to WFAFN gives them the freedom and support they are looking for when they decide to go independent. It’s a way for them to start and build the business they have always wanted.

“WFAFN provides advisors with the flexibility to market and brand themselves however they want to in their region,” Diana says. “It allows them to become business owners and create whatever type of vision they have for their practice.”

WFAFN is a destination that provides freedom and flexibility in how advisors establish, market, and run their businesses. That flexibility, combined with the strength of the Wells Fargo brand and platform, creates an environment that allows advisors to serve their clients with a purposeful and intimate approach. In addition, each WFAFN practice has the opportunity to create its own culture, serve their clients as they see fit, and determine what their legacy will look like.

So why WFAFN?

“We understand the significance of creating an early emotional connection with the advisor based on a mutual understanding and appreciation for what he or she is undertaking. We take time to fully understand the business owner’s book of business, and we anticipate needs and potential obstacles. Also, we ask questions—lots of them. Fewer surprises on the front end equates to fewer surprises on the back end.”

“WFAFN helps you realize your dream of owning your own business, and my team works with you every step of the way.”

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